Airport Shuttle Sydney

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A few people in the industry shared their experiences

  • A few people who work on the airline will be flown to their next flight. These people are called deadheads. They are the highest priority passengers. Other passengers will be moved to other flights so that the employees can reach their flight.
  • Flight attendants often eat a different menu to the passengers. Though this menu is different it is rather ordinary, so you don’t miss anything.
  • There are special meals for individuals with intolerances and different religious persuasions. They usually have to be ordered at least a day in advance. During the flight these are often served before everybody else’s meal.
  • You legally cannot drink alcohol on a plane unless served by the attendants. It is illegal to bring your own alcoholic drinks. People have been arrested on departure.
  • Everybody acknowledges that it is difficult to sit in a confining seat for several hours. But ways that some passengers try to compensate for this can be an issue. There are a few anecdotes about people trying yoga in their seats.

Walking about every few hours and wearing deep vein thrombosis socks might be a better option.

  • The airline staff have a small room on some planes to grab some shut eye. Obviously that will not stay awake for a full 20 hour flight. A certain amount of staff rest is mandatory.
  • Many attendant staff on aircraft will only be paid from the time of take-off till landing. They are not even being paid as they welcome you onto the plane.

Airport Shuttle Sydney

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