Baggage Handling

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Travel almost always involves luggage. A small part of this is taken in the plane and kept with us at all times (carry-on). But often check the bulk of our luggage to be carried separately.

Checked luggage is subject to some fairly ridged weight restrictions. The weight is more of a limitation than the physical size, though there are limits here too. Check with the individual airline, but 32Kg per bag is about the limit. This is for safety reasons as baggage handlers cannot be expected to shift more than this. One exception is mobility equipment for disabled individuals, where limits are usually relaxed.

There is limited room on a flight for all the passenger luggage. It literally has to be squeezed in. Occasionally luggage is left off because of weight, and transported on a later flight, but this is rare.

Because bags are crammed together in the hold they are prone to damage. This can be avoided with the right luggage. A lightly packed four-wheeled hard case on wheels is the best option. These are easy to stack and the light weight means they are more likely to be on the top of the pile and not get squashed.

Backpacks are another option for checked luggage. These are not too bad if they are light. But make sure there are no loose straps or zippers, which easily get caught.

Car seat, strollers and other baby devices also tend to have loose straps that cause problems. It is a considerable help if the item is wrapped in plastic.

A clique of TVs and movies is bags being lost by the airline. This is far less frequent than the media leads us to believe. And when it does occur it is usually because of connecting flights; baggage handlers did not have enough time to sort and reload baggage when two flights are less than an hour apart. Avoid this by leaving gaps between flights, and collecting and rechecking luggage.

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