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Our social customs vary between cultures. The reasons for this are complex and varied. And though there were probably legitimate historical reasons behind different cultural norms they can still catch us off guard.  They are not so much odd as simply unexpected. When traveling it is best not to offend local residents. Casual Conversation Small


Health When Traveling.

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Health When Traveling. Some people believe poor health is inevitable when traveling, much like jet lag. But both of these things can be minimized or even eliminated with the right approach. Why risk ruining a holiday with illness. Research the countries you intend to visit. Australia is lucky in that it does not require immunizations


Easier Shuttle Service Sydney Airport Arrangements

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Our services make arrangements much easier. Plan your vacation or night out without worrying about the transport details. Shuttle Service Sydney Airport          Many people make use of Sydney airport shuttle services. Catching a flight is important, and leaving anything to chance is too risky. Public transport may be fine in Sydney, but the train line


Travel Etiquette

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When being collected always have your confirmation or booking number ready. Today’s travel uses the internet and so many other facilities that have virtually done away with paper tickets. We should take advantage of this; the simple act of scanning a number into a smart phone solves a lot of problems. When entering vehicles always


Travel Terms

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Hidden City Ticketing This is a little unethical, if not plain illegal. Sometimes you can save money by using a stopover as a main destination, and then not taking the second part of the trip. But also means you cannot check luggage. Airlines are not fooled by this, and you may be penalized.   Cosmopolitan


Staying at Airports

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  We are not meant to stay at airports for any length of time. And I’m not sure why we would voluntarily want to do so. We‘re there to catch a plane, and leave as soon as possible. But in the event that we are stuck between flights, or have to stay overnight, we should


Flight Tips

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          Food The catering services at airport know you have no other options for eating; either you bought food with you or you buy it at the expensive airport outlets. Avoid the mistake of passing time with junk food. Find or bring a healthier option. Else, club membership can provide some