Flight Attendant Travel Hacks

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The people who fly for a living tend to find the tricks that help on the journey and for preparing beforehand. Some insiders have written about their travel hacks.

  • Passengers at the back of the plane tend to get better service form the flight attendants. It’s a short trip from where the attendant are at the back of the plane. And it means that the items they request are not being shown to everybody on board.
  • Hotels often don’t change sheets in bed very often. Avoid sheet that have fold marks.
  • Darken hotel rooms to help you sleep better. Humans are wired up to sleep in the dark.
  • Don’t fly with a bad cold. The air pressure will be extremely bad for your ears. This will almost always be painful. It has sometimes damaged hearing.
  • If you want to avoid sitting near a crying baby then stay away from the seat near the bulkheads (the partitions inside the plane). Most baby bassinets are secured in these areas.
  • Avoid using electronics an hour before bed, including anything with a screen. Dim light, have some herbal (non-caffeinated) tea.
  • Learn how to pack light. There is plenty of advice online. Three days of clothes are enough.
  • Find out if your hotel has a washer / dryer. This mean you can do you laundry there, and save some packing space by reusing clothes.
  • Global entry is worth it for frequent travellers.
  • If you have to leave a hotel so early that you miss the free breakfast, ask the hotel staff if one can be arranged in advance. This works perhaps half the time.
  • If you are early for a flight you have a better chance of being upgraded to first class. Being well dressed might help.
  • Moisturizer help in the dry environment of a plane. A moisturizer with a sunscreen is good if you are near a window.

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