Health When Traveling.

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Health When Traveling.

Some people believe poor health is inevitable when traveling, much like jet lag. But both of these things can be minimized or even eliminated with the right approach. Why risk ruining a holiday with illness.

Research the countries you intend to visit. Australia is lucky in that it does not require immunizations (beyond what we receive in childhood). But other countries many require injections. Arrange to have these with your local doctor.

Find out what food and water are like in the places you visit. This can vary within the one country; some cities are different to other cities in the same country.

  • Use bottled water if necessary. Brush teeth with bottled water. Do not become dehydrated
  • Salads are risky because they are washed in (possibly unclean) water.
  • Diary in foreign countries may be unpasteurized. This is a risk
  • Stick to fruit than you peel yourself. Avoid washed fruit.
  • Avoid reheated food.
  • Avoid partially cooked food, even if the locals eat it.
  • Avoid food exposed to insects.
  • Avoid spas as these tend to carry bacteria.
  • Farm areas are more likely to carry diseases on their animals.
  • Mosquitoes are a big risk as they can carry malaria and other diseases. Indoor accommodation with air conditioning is safer than open air accommodation because you can avoid the mosquitoes. Insect repentant and immunizations will help.
  • Washing hands in water is counterproductive if the water is unclean.

Pack sanitizer gel and sanitizer wipes. Use these for washing hands, and use them on aircraft tables and armrests. Clean door handles in hotels, especially on bathrooms. Clean remotes or anything that has been touched by others.

Use the internet to find any medical services that might have English speaking staff. Do this before you leave.

Know where the Australian embassy is in case of an emergency.

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