How Air Travel Has Changed

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How Air Travel Has Changed

  • Travel is cheaper than it once was, at least in terms of how much we earn. An overseas European flight that once cost almost a month’s average wage now costs about a week’s wage.
  • There are more people travelling than ever before. 8 million fly per day.
  • Economy class didn’t exist prior to 1950s. All flight were the same luxury class for those who could afford to travel.
  • Inflight meals were lavish, restaurant quality affairs. How this tasted at a high altitude is not known.
  • Alcohol was freely served on board.
  • Smoking on board a flight was common> Then smoking and non-smoking classes were introduced. Eventually smoking was banned in the 1990s.
  • In the 1970s it was common to visit the pilot’s cabin. This was phased out, and became unthinkable after the terrorism scare of 9/11.
  • Novelty items like toy planes, sleeping socks, facemasks, and flight log books were common given out each flight.
  • Space and luxury were prevalent in passenger cabins. Now chairs are close together.
  • Flight times – it used to take days to travel to Europe. Now it is a day long trip.
  • Films were shown in flights back in the 1930s but everybody watched the same film. Then in the 1990s each person had their own back of seat film option. Soon we will be expected to bring our own Wi-Fi device.
  • Dress codes were strict and enforced.
  • Safety regulations were lax. You could bring a souvenir pocket knife on-board.
  • It now takes more time to go through security checks as the airport. Computerized check-ins are common and quick, but we still have to arrive 2 hours before a flight.
  • It now takes less time to collect luggage.
  • There were few baggage restriction before the 1980s. People took a lot on vacation.
  • All female ‘air hostesses’ were replaced by male and female flight attendants.
  • Airports are now filled with shops and eateries. Once the airport was only about the arriving and departing aircraft.
  • Safety is at an all-time high, with 2017 being the safest year for flying on record.

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The bus resting for the night in the Eastern Sierra Mountains.

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