Some Australian Sights to See

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Ayers Rock/Uluru

An icon of Australia if ever there was one. Visitor often spend several days in the area, the surrounding sights, such as the Olgas, are also interesting.


Lake Hillier

Australia has a pink coloured lake on Middle Island, just off Western Australia.  The colour is due to the salt and microorganisms. It is literally bubble gum pink! Yet it is safe to swim in.


Great Barrier Reef.

Another area where visitors often spend several days. This area cannot be overhyped. Boat tours, diving, island trips …etc. all provide great ways to see the corral, marine life and the occasional historical site. One of the great wonders of the natural world.


Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

The bridge is a sight in itself, but the view of Sydney from high up is even better. Tours for climbing the actual arch will cost over $100.oo, but you can go to the top of one of the pylons (the one near Milsons Point Station) for under $20.oo


Ewens Ponds

These are limestone sinkholes popular with recreational divers. The water is unusually clear making the marine life easy to observe.


Magnetic Hill, Peterborough

An optical illusion, what appears as an uphill slope is really downhill.


Blue Mountains

The classic bushland area, but with hiking, the world steepest railroad, a cable car, museums, rock formations and a lot more.

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