Staying at Airports

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We are not meant to stay at airports for any length of time. And I’m not sure why we would voluntarily want to do so. We‘re there to catch a plane, and leave as soon as possible. But in the event that we are stuck between flights, or have to stay overnight, we should at least try to make the best of the situation.


Overnight stays

We are not meant to stay overnight at the airport. That is what hotels are for. So we can hardly blame the staff if they aren’t trying to accommodate us. At least we can appreciate the fact they don’t kick us out. Usually there is a Spartan area set aside for travellers to spend the night; it is Spartan because they don’t want to encourage anybody to stay. You will probably have to show evidence that you are on a flight the next day (a ticket will suffice), but don’t expect anything more than a floor space.


If you have a travel pillow and blanket you will probably be a comfortable as can be expected in the situation. You might even get some sleep! At the very least, dress warmly.


You will probably not be alone when staying overnight at the airport. Respect the situation for the others there – avoid telephone conversations and anything that might disrupt sleep.


The airport food caterers will close down at some point later in the evening. This is a mixed blessing. If you do get hungry there will be nothing open; but just before closing you might be lucky and find a few items sold off at a discount.


Some airports open for operation at a very early hour. Don’t be surprised if security wakes you at 5 am. There will be travellers arriving shortly and they won’t be impressed by people sleeping on the floor.


One trick for this situation is to rent a car. Many airports have car rental facilities, which are often far cheaper than a hotel room. Just rent a car, leave it in the parking lot, and sleep in the back seat. Better than a park bench. Just make sure in advance that the rental office is open when you have to check out.

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