Travel Etiquette

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  • When being collected always have your confirmation or booking number ready. Today’s travel uses the internet and so many other facilities that have virtually done away with paper tickets. We should take advantage of this; the simple act of scanning a number into a smart phone solves a lot of problems.
  • When entering vehicles always carry baggage in a safe manner; this usually means low to the floor. It is too easy to forget this with backpacks. Shuttle bus drivers will be able to help with luggage at your house’s front door. This avoids many potential issues.
  • If you have fragile items carry them with you as hand luggage.
  • It helps if transport is filled up from the back, as people won’t have to push past each other. A Mensa study once suggested filling the window seats first, but also pointed out the limitations here as families (especially with children) need to board together.
  • If you are getting out before other try to prepare beforehand, and move to the front seats. Ask the driver if you destination is first or last on the journey (i.e.: is the domestic or international terminal first?).
  • Avoid talking on mobile phones. Use text messages when needed, but avoid making any noise.
  • If you must move in the vehicle, use the overhead luggage rail or roof for support.
  • Consider personal space. And remember that other cultures have different boundaries. Speak to others if you feel it is appropriate, and respect their wishes whenever possible.
  • If seats recline, make sure there are no issues with the person behind you.
  • Avoid any strong cologne or perfume when travelling for extended periods. The combined effect of several people with different scents is rarely good. Try to be clean and smell neutral. Some airport travel clubs have facilities for this.
  • Avoid hot and strong food in public transport. This will be noticed by everybody you travel with. Many air conditioned vehicles actually make this worse.
  • If you are travelling with children bring something to keep them occupied.
  • Clean us as you depart, and check to see you have not left anything behind.

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