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Hidden City Ticketing

This is a little unethical, if not plain illegal. Sometimes you can save money by using a stopover as a main destination, and then not taking the second part of the trip. But also means you cannot check luggage. Airlines are not fooled by this, and you may be penalized.



When applied as an adjective to a person this means someone who is at home wherever they are. ‘Cosmos’ means ‘system’, as in the entire Universe.

Applied as a noun the word ‘cosmopolitan’ is a popular cocktail drink.



This means to travel without goal. Many people do this, unless there is a real goal to tourism. Wanderlust, the desire to travel, is a good reason to take a trip; but is there a good reason to have wanderlust.


Deadhead/ Jumpseat.

A Deadhead is member of staff flying on a plane, but not on active duty; they are probably traveling to a flight that they will pilot themselves. The jumpseat is the seat used by a staff member when no passenger seats are available.


Zulu Time

Formerly Greenwich mean time – this is a worldwide standard for co-ordinating operations such as aircraft flights.


Nautical Miles.

A measurement of distance. It is one minute of one degree of latitude. Expressed differently, it is 1/60 of 1/360 of the Earth’s circumference; about 1852 meters.



A speed of one nautical mile per hour.


Absolute Ceiling

Maximum altitude above sea that a plane can fly under normal conditions.

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