There is an old joke that we don’t really look like our passport photo, at least not until we have endured a really long and tiresome flight. There are reasons why we are almost never at our best at the end of a flight.

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  • Air Flights often require us to leave at very early hours or arrive at odd times. The change of schedule (I’m usually still asleep at this time!) isn’t helping us feel good.
  • We tend to eat poorly when on vacation. It is inconvenient to do otherwise, but a better diet will make a difference.
  • Aircraft are rather dry, so we dehydrate. That never helps us feel good. But everybody on the plane needing the e bathroom at the same time might be worse.
  • The clothing we wear makes a difference. Loose clothing is preferable if you are sitting in the one place for several hours.
  • And as we are sitting in the one seat for several hours our circulation is compromised, our muscles are getting no exercise, and we often cannot sleep well.
  • Changes in air pressure will affect our hearing. Depressurising the ear canals helps. Try chewing gum or breath mints.
  • Airline food taste different for several reasons. For one thing it has to be prepared beforehand. Another is that the low air pressure in the plane affects our sense of taste. The airlines actually are concerned with this, but there are limits to what that can do to compensate.
  • Jet lag. We will not fit into our usual 8 hours sleep in 24 hours schedule. We can partly compensate for this with melatonin and light therapy, but part of it is just part of travel.

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